On gun related violence.

Another mass shooting’s occurred.

I made a joke on a friend’s page: “MOAR GUNZ. MURICA. Do I have right?” and her response aside from liking it, to let me know she understood my sarcasm, was “sigh.”

It made me check myself. I personally have a hard time due to autism relating to the issues of others when I haven’t been through it… except one place.

I lost a pregnancy this summer, so I don’t have any biological children yet, but I already know what it’s like to be a mother. I have thousands of children across the world. Teenagers and even adults who call me “mom”, “ma” and even “mommy”. My work in Family Transcends is just an extension of what I’ve always done – adopt people who need some love and guidance.

That’s slightly tangential.

I read a meme on facebook that said:

“We lost the war when we decided our right to own guns was more important than children’s lives.”

It struck me so hard, that when I checked myself this morning, I thought of it.

I cannot imagine gunning down children. CHILDREN. I cannot imagine why people would want to put those children in more danger. The other evening a man, a gun owner, drew and fired upon a kidnapper. Instead, he hit the victim IN THE HEAD, killing her. The kidnapper fled alive.

A more prudent move would have been noting the license plate number, description of the vehicle and people and calling the police. Of course, nowadays, it’s just as likely that the victim may have been killed by the police. But regardless, his aim must have been very poor… and he must have been very foolish.

Do not mistake my stance and position. We have the right to own arms, and to bear them in an organized militia. the Supreme Court decided those were separate sentences, and so the law is enforced that way. Okay. I’m a gun enthusiast. I own one handgun, and plan to own more. I would like a rifle or two. It’s my right to own these things.

I would not object to being taught properly how to use them and being licensed for it. I would not object to answering questions about my background, health and mental health. I have to answer these questions to license, register and insure my vehicle.

Gun enthusiasts are not to blame. Gun NUTS are to blame. These are the men and women, transgender and nonbinary people who think everyone should own a personal armory. These are the men and women, transgender and nonbinary people who walk into Walmart with an AK. These are the men and women, transgender and nonbinary people who think their right to own a weapon is more important than the life of their children.

It’s true.

Because those people are so intent on their right to own weapons, that the rest of the nut jobs out there can also own them – scott free.

I live in Louisiana, but I was not born nor raised here. In this state you can go to any walmart or sporting goods store and buy a gun. Any gun. No waiting period. No registry. No license.

I’m from the Northeast. New York City does not allow civilians to carry guns without a special carry permit(which is obtainable, if hard) and doesn’t allow them to own them without a gun license and proper registration for the weapon.

Upstate NY allows the exceptions of two well-maintained hunting rifles within specific models – those can be purchased without a license, but they still must be registered.

New Jersey’s laws are virtually the same.

I don’t find this unreasonable.

Because I don’t want to find out my kid was killed IN HIS SCHOOL.
Common sense gun laws, people. Please.

~Faith Alana Alastair
You all know the rest.


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