Faith began xir career in activism at a young age in the area of HIV/AIDS education, handing out condoms on street corners and teaching courses in recreation halls. Having attended xir first pride march at 14, xe knew quickly that xe wanted to make a difference. Marching with various queer rights and HIV/AIDS groups throughout xir teenage years, Faith took on leadership roles within the queer youth community. Faith also lobbied in xir home state of New York to add gender identity and expression to the human rights commission’s anti-discrimination policies.

Faith has worked with various queer organizations, including ACT UP, The Hetrick-Martin Institute, AIDS Center of Queens County and is the Vice President of The LGBT Pink Panthers Movement, a radical queer militant group dedicated to ending discrimination and promoting equality.

Xe identifies as a genderqueer person of transgender experience and a feminist queer lesbian, is a professional body piercer and lives in Northeast Louisiana with xir wife of two years(six together).


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