To the LGBTQQIA* youth of america.

Dear Queer Youth of America.

You’re witnessing history. Please pay attention to what is happening, right now, in this country, as it is happening for you. I have seen our history happen as well, and learned about what our forebears saw. I have participated in that history, and learned what they participated in, and I say to you now: This is your time to act. Never for a moment think you are alone, you have a rich history behind you. Never think you are forgotten, there are all of us who remember. Never think that you are unloved, because we love you. You are family, whether I know you or not. And family is love.

Stay strong, and act up, fight back. Be history.

originally published on facebook, 5/12/12. 


On clothing and disability.

Clothing is problematic.

I have a fat disorder* that means nothing looks right on me. They used to call women like me** pear shaped. Meaning on top, I’m small. I get gradually bigger the further down my body you go.

This fat disorder affects about 11% of all women, and most of the women who’ve been referred to as pear-shaped fit into that number.

I’m a geek, hardcore. I see advertisements for clothing I want, like shirts designed to look like superhero costumes, or hooded sweatshirts emulating video game characters. None of these will look the same on me as they do on anyone else- including other fat*** people.

In the country in which I live(USA), clothing sizes for women and men are different, and women’s sizes are different still from other countries. Our culture is so intent on fat shaming that our sizes are different. And where that leaves me is out on a ledge wearing clothing that isn’t nearly as cool as I’d like. It leaves me out on a ledge wearing clothing that shows part of my belly, or doesn’t fit my bottom half correctly.

I’m not asking for special clothes(okay maybe I am lol)but I am asking for better sizing, and more appropriate cutting of clothing that is supposed to be for everyone. I don’t want to have to look like Chris Evans to wear a Captain America t-shirt.

It’s just a t-shirt. But it would mean the world to me.

*My particular disorder is called Lipedema, and you can learn about it on the wiki entry for it, or by visiting

**I do not identify as a woman, but for the purposes of speaking about clothing in a cissexist society with clarity, I was assigned female, I have a vagina and the body shape of someone usually viewed as a woman, so.

***The word fat is being reclaimed, and as such I mean no offense by the use of it.